Thank you for your purchase. We hope you enjoy your new stencils!


Here are some recommendations for getting the sharpest results with HD Stencils.

  • Hold down the stencil with tape or magnets.
  • Spray on a bright white surface using an opaque black color.
  • Spray lightly and build color in multiple coats, so the stencil stays dry to avoid smudges.


Instructions for cleaning and care of the stencils


We recommend that you use waterbased paints such as;

  • Createx Colors 
  • Com-art
  • Etac 
  • Golden High Flow Acrylics

The HD Stencils can also be sprayed with solvent paints but the stencils cannot be cleaned with lacquer thinner.
The lacquer thinner will destroy the fine details of the HD Stencil.


Remember to clean your stencils right after use so that paint doesn’t cure and permanently clog details in the stencils.


To wash your stencil, you can use water and alcohol, and a soft brush to scrub the stencil. If the stencil still needs to be cleaned further, you can spray alcohol through the stencil using your airbrush at its highest pressure.

Your stencil will perform best when it is appropriately clean. 


DO NOT heat dry. DO NOT stretch the stencils. DO NOT leave tape stuck on the stencils for an extended period.


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