Selecting the right airbrush to use with HD Stencils

HD Stencils' most significant benefit is that it allows you to get painting quickly by transferring the design to any art surface so that you start building form immediately. 

This is all good and awesome, but the stencils only work by airbrushing through them, what if you don't have an airbrush laying around? 

 The beautiful thing about airbrushes is that now there are many options and price ranges to select from.Some airbrushes start at about $15 (USD), but it's a smart thing to stay away from them, especially if you plan on using your airbrush in your primary art medium. 

Remember that airbrushing is such a versatile medium, and you can add airbrushing to your techniques no matter what your primary medium is. 

Because adding an airbrush to your art tools will open a new set of techniques that you can use in combination with your medium, we recommend these high-quality airbrushes and not the cheap ones. 

For a good quality entry airbrush, the NEO is the right choice, and at the time of this post it was only 57$ (USD)This airbrush is excellent for use with the HD Stencils and still allows for good freehand control. 

 Learn more about this airbrush

If you want a better airbrush than the NEO, then you can take a look at the Iwata-Medea High-Performance Plus C. 

 If you are serious about painting, this is an excellent airbrush, it offers a lot of control, and you can also convert the nozzle/needle set up to a .2 for even more delicate details.

The top of the line in airbrushes is the Iwata micron series. 

They are the "Rolls Royce" of airbrushes offering the best control for fine details and shading small areas. 

 Example airbrush is an Iwata-Medea Custom Micron SB.

It may seem complicated at first, but all of them work basically the same way, with the only difference being the quality and the control that the higher end allows you to have, especially on small details.

No matter what airbrush you choose, any of them will work for spraying through the HD stencils, but remember that you not only be able to take advantage of using HD Stencils, you will also want to use airbrushing in combination with your art medium.

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